Transit and Infrastructure

Calgary is a city on the go.  Tens of thousands of people travel through Ward 8 daily.  But, while Ward 8 has some of Calgary's most historic buildings and communities, it also has some of Calgary's oldest infrastructure.  Roadworks and lane closures are all too common.  Transit can also be improved in Ward 8, especially once the Green Line stations are built.  And, through collaboration with our residents and businesses, our pathways, bike lanes, and sidewalks can all be refurbished to provide for better and more active transportation choices for residents and visitors.  

I want a Ward 8 that is accessible for everyone.  This means good roads and bridges, plentiful and affordable transit routes, and a responsive City bureaucracy for fixing and upgrading any problems that may arise.  It means accessibility for people with mobility issues and making it a priority that Ward 8 be ready to provide active transpiration that will make our communities ready for a 21st century city on the move.

What I will do:

  • I will prioritize immediate investments in our aging arterial roads and bridges to ensure they are ready for a growing city.
  • I will ensure that both stage one of the Green Line and the 17th Ave SW construction is completed on time and on budget and fight to expand rail service to the airport.
  • I will fight to ensure that Calgary Transit overhead costs and fares are lowered while protecting service and reliability.
  • I will work with communities and local businesses to develop innovative ways to integrate pedestrians, people with mobility issues, cyclists, and vehicle traffic in our City to maximize active transportation.
  • I will pledge that 311 response to sidewalk, back lane, pothole repair, and snow removal in Ward 8 and Calgary is timely and long-lasting.