Social Services

Sometimes you need a helping hand; a friend to be there for you, a neighbour to help.  Society is only as strong as its most vulnerable citizens.  I support a robust social safety net to care for the most vulnerable in our City.  Everyone from our children to our seniors, First Nations to new Calgarians; anyone who calls this City home.

Calgary's social service infrastructure needs improvement.  Because of the pandemic our rates of homelessness and poverty increased dramatically.  This is especially pronounced in minority communities, people with disabilities, and seniors.  City Council must improve and make more accessible our social service infrastructure, both those directly funded by the City and those services that the City partner's with organizations to provide.  We also need to start to think outside the box for ways to improve the lives of those who need help most.

What I will do:

  • I will support the continued use of City-subsidized programs for low income Calgarians like the Fair Entry program.
  • I will enhance and expand the Community Social Worker program including the Community Hub Initiative.
  • I will promote and improve the recreation programs and fee assistance offered by the City of Calgary for seniors.
  • I will update and make more accessible the resources of the City for newcomers to Calgary.
  • I will advance a made in Ward 8 solution for food security through community gardens and cooperatives for locally grown food.