Public Safety

Every Calgarian should feel safe in their community. This means being able to park your vehicle without someone breaking a window or going for a walk at night without being accosted by a violent criminal.  Ward 8 has some of the highest crime rates in Calgary and residents are telling me that the City has to get public safety right. Community policing is an integrated model and not every 911 call requires a police officer to respond.

But public safety in Calgary is also about bylaw enforcement and fire prevention and general community preparedness.  Calgary has the 311 system to respond to non-emergency requests for city services but it is clear the system is overwhelmed and needs additional resources.  The people of Ward 8 and Calgary deserve better.

What I will do:

  • I will boost community policing to ensure public safety and make sure that the resources allocated to the Calgary Police Service are benefiting the people of Ward 8 and Calgary. 
  • I will invest in community safety programs and resources so that there are non-police options to respond to all Calgarians' needs such as mental health, addiction support, homelessness, and domestic trauma.
  • I will call for an immediate review of fire and emergency response plans in the City to make sure that the current service plans meet the effective response times to serve the needs of the people of Ward 8 and Calgarians as a whole. 
  • I will work to ensure that bylaw violations are dealt with in a timely manner.
  • I will prioritize the continued digitization of 311 services so that Calgarians can access services faster and track the status of their complaints online.