New Plan for Calgary Downtown Towers


Ward 8 Candidate Gary Bobrovitz and Urban Vertical Agriculture announce a bold new vision for Calgary Downtown Core Offices.

Calgary Sept 30th

Urban Vertical Agriculture is planning to launch Canada’s first large scale vertical indoor farm to produce crops in a controlled environment utilizing empty offices in the Calgary Downtown Core. 

“We need a bold new vision that is economically effective, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable to revitalize Calgary’s Downtown Offices”.

“I will bring this project proposal to City Council in November to help repurpose the 30% Core office vacancies and provide work for Calgarians”.

-Ward 8 Candidate Gary Bobrovitz.


Urban Vertical will:

-Create Jobs

-Reduce Office Vacancy

-Build Food Security

-Is Environmentally Sustainable

-Will Bring Calgarians Back to Downtown


“There is a strong need for indoor farms with climate change, severe weather and food contamination”.

“Calgary is a strong entrepreneurial city that can build viable new businesses to move into the 21st century”.

-Sebastian Yoon Urban Vertical CEO


Food security is a key benefit of this proposed project. Urban Vertical will donate fresh produce to Calgarians in need. It will offer Calgarians consumer choices in Core shops to make Downtown more liveable and attractive.