Media Release


Gary Bobrovitz is declaring his candidacy for Ward 8 Councillor in the October 18 Municipal Election.

For more than 40 years Gary has been a familiar face to Calgarians as the City Hall Reporter for Global TV. He was a trusted journalist who delivered accurate and balanced Information. Gary was watching, listening, and learning about the policies and the politics at City Council.

“I know how City Council works. I will use that experience to get the job done for the people of Ward 8 and all Calgarians. I want to make all lives better by giving back to my community and to my city.”

Gary still lives in the same Ward 8 neighbourhood of Cliff Bungalow Mission that he has for 40 years. He is a community builder who helped start the Lilac Festival and the 2013 Calgary Flood Concert at McMahon Stadium.

Gary will help build livable and likeable neighbourhoods. He will work for an inclusive and diverse city with equal opportunities and socially responsible prosperity for all Calgarians.

“As a journalist I was not afraid to ask tough questions at City Hall. As the Ward 8 Councillor I will keep asking tough questions at City Hall.

“I battled for all Calgarians and gave a voice for people who had no voice. Now, I want to be your voice for Ward 8. The voice that you know and trust to get the job done for you on City Council.”