Supporting Business and Creating Jobs

Calgarians need jobs. We have been at the mercy of falling energy prices and a pandemic that brought the world to a standstill.  Now, we need to recover.  But we cannot just try and rebuild the same old way.  Calgary needs to grow beyond just being a hub for resource extraction and development.  We need to encourage more entrepreneurs to start businesses in the City.  We need to facilitate innovation and future-sector jobs.  The City has to step up and make Calgary attractive to businesses the world over.

Two of Calgary's four big capital projects are located in Ward 8, the Event Centre development and the BMO Centre expansion.  These will provide construction jobs in the short term and help develop long term entertainment, hospitality, and retail employment down the road for Ward 8. It's a good start, but for businesses in Ward 8, the City can and must do better to help support our economic recovery.

What I will do:

  • I will continue to support the development of the Events Centre and the expansion of the BMO Centre which will continue to play a significant part in the future economic growth of Ward 8 and the City as a whole.
  • I will promote the City and its workforce as the best place for companies to come and develop Calgary as a new innovation hub in Canada and North America.
  • I will streamline and modernize City services for businesses, including the online services for business license renewal and management.
  • I will increase transparency so that planning and development permits are more accessible to communities and stakeholders.
  • I will work with all levels of government to optimize procurement policy and incentivize buying and hiring from local sources.