Homes for Everyone

I was able to buy a house when I was a young man, a lovely two bedroom in Mission, for my kids to grow up in.  But now they are grown up and looking for jobs, partners, and a house to call their own.  My concerns are that my children, and their peers, might not be able to afford a house at a reasonable price.

The safe and assuring sanctity of a home is a basic human right. Everyone deserves to have a place to call their home.  For those who can qualify for a mortgage, they should be able to buy their own place.  For those that can't, there should be reasonable rental rates and supports available to them.  And for those people who, for whatever reason, find themselves out on the street, there should be housing supports to get them into a long-term place that they can call home.  

What I will do:

  • I will expand the Calgary Housing Company and Attainable Homes Calgary to support affordable housing and promote home ownership in Ward 8 and Calgary.
  • I will make sure there is a variety of housing options available to the people of Ward 8.
  • I will enforce City bylaws around short term rentals and lodging houses to make sure that people like AirBnB owners can be regulated to provide for the safety and security of their users and their neighbours.
  • I will regularly review the secondary and basement suite approval process to ensure it is working for the people of Ward 8.
  • I will follow the lead of cities like Medicine Hat and commit to ending homelessness in Calgary through the 'Housing First' approach by the end of 2025.