Fiscal Responsibility

Taxes are the price we pay to live in a vibrant city like Calgary.  They fund our roads, our emergency services, and the countless workers who deal with everything from clearing our roads of snow to picking up our recycling.  Taxes make the City run.  But, when dealing with public money, City Council has a duty to spend every cent wisely and efficiently.  The answer to cost overruns on City projects is not to raise taxes, it's to make sure there aren't overruns in the first place.

Unlike some of my opponents, I know that your taxes go into a general revenue fund and are not specifically directed to Ward 8.  Ward 8 contributes a lot to the City's coffers and I want to make sure that that money is spent wisely to benefit Ward 8 and Calgary as a whole.  This means value for money capital spending, a streamlined bureaucracy, and diversified revenue streams to supplement property tax revenue.  Ward 8 needs a Councillor who can work with the City administration and the different levels of government to maximize cost effectiveness for taxpayers.  With my experience as the City Hall reporter for Global Calgary, I know how the City administration works. I know the policies, the players, and the politics and I am going to use that extensive knowledge to benefit Ward 8 and Calgary.

What I will do:

  • I will implement value for money audits on all City departments and services to maximize efficiency and achieve full value of taxpayer dollars.
  • I will fight against arbitrary property tax increases and advocate for efficient use of City resources and providing City services.
  • I will look for ways to streamline the City's bureaucracy to enhance productivity. 
  • I will work to diversify the City's revenue streams for stable budgeting for years to come.
  • I will continue to advocate for greater transparency and accessibility of City records, processes, and decisions.