Gary Bobrovitz was the City Hall reporter at Global Television for more than 40 years.

He knows how City Council works.

As a journalist, he was watching, listening, and learning about the policies and the politics.  Now Gary will use that experience to get the job done as a Councillor for the people in Ward 8 and Calgarians across our City.

"I want to give back to the people in my community and my city.  I want to make lives better.  Your life. My life. Our children's lives.  So we all have a better future."

Gary has lived in Cliff Bungalow-Mission for over 40 years.  He raised a family & paid taxes.  He is a community builder who helped create the Lilac Festival, was part of the Flood Relief Concert effort in 2013, made an award-winning documentary on prostate cancer, and continues to help Calgarians in any way he can. 

Gary is a cancer survivor and a world champion powerlifter.  He has the strength and determination to fight for you on City Council.

On October 18th vote to elect Gary as your Ward 8 City Councillor.